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Health Care Providers in Bellevue, Kentucky

Organization, NamePractice AddressPractice Phone  TaxonomyNPI
Adams, Jennifer Amy M.D.119 Fairfield Ave  Suite R102    Bellevue  KY 41073-1184859-431-0090207Q00000X1437404431
MEDICARE PIN KY : K159250 || MEDICAID OH : 0138115
Baston, Rebecca ATC415 Washington Ave      Bellevue  KY 41073-1405513-403-86382255A2300X1720432750
Blankenship, Jeffery Braden M.D.119 Fairfield Ave  Suite R102    Bellevue  KY 41073-1184859-431-0090390200000X1740627124
MEDICAID OH : 0138104 || MEDICARE PIN KY : K159290
Bowling, Christy Renee APRN103 Landmark Dr      Bellevue  KY 41073-1393859-655-6100363LF0000X1912440280
MEDICAID KY : 7100454850
Cunningham, Joy Ann PHARMD103 Landmark Dr  Ste 103    Bellevue  KY 41073-1393859-291-8665183500000X1114229192
Digiulio, Mrs. Brenda ARNP103 Landmark Dr Ste 360      Bellevue  KY 41073-1354859-261-3700208000000X1447367198
OTHER KY ARNP : 1078324 || OTHER KY ARNP : 2026P || MEDICAID KY : 789000866
Drennen, Mrs. Amanda Michelle MS, CCC-SLP328 Fairfield Ave      Bellevue  KY 41073-1010513-550-4413235Z00000X1558568121
MEDICAID IN : 100266560A
Ellis, Catherine Nicole APRN103 Landmark Dr      Bellevue  KY 41073-1393859-655-6100363LF0000X1487056974
MEDICAID KY : 7100321330 || MEDICARE PIN KY : K159071
Engel, Jeremy D M.D.119 Fairfield Ave  Suite R102    Bellevue  KY 41073-1184859-431-0090207Q00000X1497792584
MEDICARE PIN KY : 0387631 || OTHER KY RAILROAD MEDICARE : 080159288 || MEDICARE UPIN KY : H07160 || MEDICAID OH : 2270484 || MEDICAID KY : 64013303 || OTHER KY RAILROAD MEDICARE : P00839905 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 008580024
Erickson, Mrs. Lindsey Nicole 119 Fairfield Ave # 6      Bellevue  KY 41073-1184859-547-1634363LF0000X1134541907
Fellens, Thomas E MD103 Landmark Dr  Ll2    Bellevue  KY 41073-1393859-655-6100207V00000X1972551638
MEDICARE PIN KY : 00954029 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 3316362 || MEDICARE UPIN : E91884 || MEDICAID IN : 200366960 || MEDICAID OH : 0827172 || MEDICAID KY : 64327828 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 0398441 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 00182003 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 3396835
Fleissner, Rebecca NP53 Donnermeyer Dr      Bellevue  KY 41073-1352859-815-7062363LF0000X1285162958
Gaines, Leigh A M.D.103 Landmark Dr  Suite 100    Bellevue  KY 41073-1393859-431-0090207Q00000X1396782454
OTHER KY RAILROAD MEDICARE : 080189334 || MEDICAID KY : 64052939 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 0387633 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 008580027 || MEDICARE UPIN KY : H09970 || MEDICAID OH : 2312152
Grainger, Michael M.D.119 Fairfield Ave  Suite R102    Bellevue  KY 41073-1184859-431-0090207Q00000X1861439937
MEDICAID OH : 0993064 || OTHER KY RAILROAD MEDICARE : P00839903 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 008580066 || MEDICAID KY : 64238280 || OTHER KY RAILROAD MEDICARE : 080092530 || MEDICARE UPIN KY : C75462 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 0387602
Gravett, Sharon Marie LISW103 Landmark Dr      Bellevue  KY 41073-1393513-266-77221041C0700X1316179674
Haas, Roger A M.D.103 Landmark Dr  Suite 100    Bellevue  KY 41073-1393859-431-0090207Q00000X1760421796
MEDICARE PIN KY : 008580068 || OTHER KY RAILROAD MEDICARE : 080092529 || MEDICAID KY : 64129026 || MEDICARE UPIN KY : C69919 || OTHER KY RAILROAD MEDICARE : P00856615 || MEDICAID OH : 0780687 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 0387603
Hagedorn, Dr. David Charles DMD340 Fairfield Ave      Bellevue  KY 41073-1010859-291-76211223G0001X1528075058
Hamilton-clary, Bethany LISW-S103 Landmark Dr  Suite 370    Bellevue  KY 41073-1393859-392-38281041C0700X1336440510
Hammons, William R M.D.119 Fairfield Ave  Suite R102    Bellevue  KY 41073-1184859-431-0090207Q00000X1457399024
MEDICARE PIN KY : 0387437 || OTHER KY RAILROAD MEDICARE : P00856614 || OTHER KY RAILROAD MEDICARE : P00253099 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 008580069 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 0387635 || MEDICAID OH : 2604364 || MEDICARE UPIN KY : H97221 || MEDICAID KY : 64107584
Hegener, Dr. Michael Allen PHARMD103 Landmark Dr  Community Pharmacy Care    Bellevue  KY 41073-1395859-291-8665183500000X1558397810
Hemmer, Mrs. Jessica Ann PHARMD53 Donnermeyer Dr      Bellevue  KY 41073-1352859-431-5413183500000X1376901306
Hill, Brien F LCSW103 Landmark Dr      Bellevue  KY 41073-1393859-655-61001041C0700X1528007283
OTHER KY MFT : 105591 || OTHER KY CADC : 118216 || OTHER KY LCADC : 167038 || MEDICARE PIN OH : SW28511 || MEDICARE PIN KY : K195770 || OTHER KY LPCC : 104571 || MEDICARE PIN OH : SW28512 || MEDICAID KY : 82008764
Huhn, Ms. Mary D LISW227 Fairfield Ave  2nd Floor    Bellevue  KY 41073859-261-8483104100000X1619900784
Hunt, Mrs. Emily Bramwell MSW LSW103 Landmark Dr  Ste. 370    Bellevue  KY 41073-1393859-392-39651041C0700X1134469737
Jennings, Mrs. Tracy RPH53 Donnermeyer Dr      Bellevue  KY 41073-1352859-431-5413183500000X1407216153
Johnson, Jessica PT549 Lafayette Ave      Bellevue  KY 41073-1333859-391-6133225100000X1891117529
Johnson, Mark Anthony D.C.549 Lafayette Ave      Bellevue  KY 41073-1333859-431-4430111N00000X1225226954
Joseph, Dr. Scott A M.D.103 Landmark Dr      Bellevue  KY 41073-1393859-392-3840207R00000X1104830314
Klingenbeck, Dr. Alex PHARMD53 Donnermeyer Dr      Bellevue  KY 41073-1352859-431-5413183500000X1043678238
Lekan, Cassidy LCSW700 Fairfield Ave      Bellevue  KY 41073-1018859-491-4435101YA0400X1083074892
MEDICAID KY : 7100346650
Lichtenstein, Violet Marie 103 Landmark Drive  Bellevue La Health Care    Bellevue  KY 41073859-392-3850163W00000X1467618462
Lilburn, Allyson 103 Landmark Dr      Bellevue  KY 41073-1393859-392-38441041C0700X1215468947
Mbomyo, Dawn Marie MSW, LISW-S103 Landmark Dr  Suite 380    Bellevue  KY 41073-1393859-392-3962104100000X1083974737
Mcelfresh, Mrs. Molly ARNP103 Landmark Dr      Bellevue  KY 41073-1393859-392-3846363LA2200X1275569311
Mcgill, Marcia MSW103 Landmark Dr  Siute 240    Bellevue  KY 41073-1393859-292-39001041C0700X1457409054
Meade, Patrick Godfrey MD119 Fairfield Ave  Suite R102    Bellevue  KY 41073-1184859-431-0090207Q00000X1710983572
MEDICAID KY : 64049349 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 0387632 || OTHER KY RAILROAD MEDICARE : P00839907 || MEDICAID OH : 2279449 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 008580082 || OTHER KY RAILROAD MEDICARE : 080189333 || MEDICARE UPIN KY : H41087
Michaelson, Nicole R 103 Landmark Dr  Ste380/cpd    Bellevue  KY 41073-1393859-392-38291041C0700X1053642587
Patel, Jennifer 119 Fairfield Ave # 6      Bellevue  KY 41073-1184859-547-1634363LF0000X1346665197
Porterfield, Dana 103 Landmark Dr Lower Level  Patient First Pt    Bellevue  KY 41073859-431-5639225100000X1548391428
Pritchard, Abby APRN103 Landmark Dr      Bellevue  KY 41073-1393859-655-6100163W00000X1639542822
MEDICARE PIN KY : K139730 || MEDICAID KY : 7100397560
Richey, Robert Matthew LISW103 Landmark Dr      Bellevue  KY 41073-1393859-392-39621041C0700X1700810249
Roark, Carol MD103 Landmark Dr  Ll2    Bellevue  KY 41073-1393859-655-6100208000000X1669471058
OTHER KY CHOICE CARE : K22479 || OTHER KY ANTHEM : 000000279253 || MEDICARE UPIN KY : C69357 || MEDICARE ID KY : 0222607 || MEDICAID KY : 64224793
Sandoval, Mrs. Melissa Rose LCSW103 Landmark Drive Ste 300  Department Of Veteran's Affairs    Bellevue  KY 41073859-392-38401041C0700X1760527105
Schleyer, Dr. Marilyn A.R.N.P., PH.D.227 Fairfield Ave      Bellevue  KY 41073-1040859-380-6155163WP0808X1821128653
MEDICARE ID KY : NP00029 || MEDICAID KY : 78001195
Schulte, Debra M.D.119 Fairfield Ave  Suite R102    Bellevue  KY 41073-1184859-431-0090207Q00000X1043247711
MEDICARE UPIN KY : C70616 || MEDICAID OH : 0101268 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 008580047 || OTHER KY RAILROAD MEDICARE : P00840874 || MEDICAID KY : 64230170 || OTHER KY RAILROAD MEDICARE : 080092528 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 0387607
Schulte, Michael P M.D.119 Fairfield Ave  Suite R102    Bellevue  KY 41073-1184859-431-0090207Q00000X1043247141
MEDICAID OH : 0101259 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 0387608 || MEDICARE UPIN KY : C69642 || OTHER KY RAILROAD MEDICARE : 080092527 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 008580048 || OTHER KY RAILROAD MEDICARE : P00839891 || MEDICAID KY : 64222276
Sopko, Robert M.D.103 Landmark Dr  Suite 100    Bellevue  KY 41073-1393859-431-0090207Q00000X1598791394
OTHER KY RAILROAD MEDICARE : P00856636 || OTHER KY RAILROAD MEDICARE : 080092519 || MEDICAID OH : 0993466 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 0387609 || MEDICARE UPIN KY : C72326 || MEDICAID KY : 64185903 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 008580055
Steigerwald, Erin FNP-C119 Fairfield Ave  #6    Bellevue  KY 41073-1184859-547-1639363LF0000X1578012795
Sydnor, Mindy APRN103 Landmark Dr      Bellevue  KY 41073-1393859-655-6100363LF0000X1841299260
MEDICARE PIN KY : 0398422 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 00848004 || OTHER KY ANTHEM : 000000342983 || OTHER KY CHOICE CARE : NP342P || MEDICAID KY : 78013026 || MEDICARE UPIN KY : Q25376
Tangvald, Thor Iv M.D.103 Landmark Dr  Suite 240    Bellevue  KY 41073-1393859-292-39002084P0800X1235287954
MEDICAID KY : 64938137 || MEDICARE ID KY : 0549601 || MEDICARE UPIN KY : E76111


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27 2nd Shift Housekeeper $12ph Louisville, KY, USA We place many RN Specialties, Allied Healthcare Professionals and Administrative Personnel... Apply Now>>

28 RN – Home Health Registered Nurse Florence, KY, USA Administer nursing care to ill, injured, or disabled patients * Diagnose and establish patient ... Educate patients about health maintenance and disease prevention * Facilitate referrals to other ...... Apply Now>>

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35 CNA- Certified Nursing Assistant (Signature HealthCARE) Louisville, KY, USA Full & Part-time At Signature HealthCARE, we go out of our way to make life better for the people we serve...and for our employees. Our Sacred 6 values of Compassion, Teamwork, Respect, Integrity ...... Apply Now>>

36 Registered Nurse Lexington-Fayette, KY, USA Ability to maintain strong communication with parents and staff regarding the health of students * School Nurse Licensing Requirements: * BSN and/or RN * State license or teaching certification ...... Apply Now>>

37 RN / Home Healthcare Nursing Job in Lexington, Kentucky / Home Health Care The Home Health Aide is responsible for: - providing personal care services to the patients - assisting the Director of Home Health, RN's, and therapists in completing tasks that support patient care ...... Apply Now>>

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39 Medical Surgical Nurse - (MS RN) Paducah, KY, USA About the FacilityProudly providing healthcare to over 250,000 residents from a four-state radius, this 349-bed facility boasts the best in patient care and cutting-edge medical technology. The ...... Apply Now>>

40 Norton Healthcare - ED Medical Scribe Louisville, KY, USA Accompany the healthcare provider into patient examination rooms in order to transcribe the patient's history, physical exam findings, consultations, labs, X-rays, and other evaluations, as stated by ...... Apply Now>>

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