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Health Care Providers in Edgewood, Kentucky

Organization, NamePractice AddressPractice Phone  TaxonomyNPI
Abello, Patricia A MD20 Medical Village Dr  Ste 132    Edgewood  KY 41017-5401859-578-5880208600000X1841256328
MEDICAID KY : 64329550 || MEDICAID OH : 2547560 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 0957601 || MEDICARE UPIN : G49543 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 0364987 || MEDICARE PIN : P00668107
Adams, Ms. Tracey Ray APRN560 S Loop Rd      Edgewood  KY 41017-3405859-301-2663363L00000X1376882225
MEDICAID KY : 7100238800 || MEDICARE PIN KY : K125000
Adley, Dr. Christopher Samuel MD20 Medical Village Dr  Ste 102    Edgewood  KY 41017-5401859-341-1011208000000X1679546725
MEDICAID KY : 64230006 || OTHER ANTHEM : 000000068642 || OTHER OH UNITED HEALTH CARE : 1201899 || MEDICARE UPIN : H93393 || OTHER AETNA : 2196692
Agyeman, Kwabena Boakye CRNA20 Medical Village Dr      Edgewood  KY 41017-5401859-341-7296163W00000X1205258399
Air, Gordon W MD560 South Loop Rd      Edgewood  KY 41017-3454859-301-2663207X00000X1689676843
Alam, Masroor MD1 Medical Village Dr  Independent Anesthesiologists Psc    Edgewood  KY 41017-3403859-341-7246207L00000X1720069388
OTHER ANTHEM BLUE SHIELD : 000000192691 || MEDICAID KY : 64028475 || OTHER CAQH : 11179782 || MEDICARE UPIN : F87216 || OTHER BUREAU OF WORKERS COMP : $$$$$$$$$00 || OTHER ANTHEM : 000000642262 || MEDICAID IN : 200320150 || MEDICARE PIN : 050078682 || OTHER TAX ID : 611077369 || OTHER HEALTHNET : 311585770 1720069388
Albright, Dr. Robert E Jr. MD1 Medical Village Dr      Edgewood  KY 41017859-301-2237207RH0003X1750374039
OTHER KY MEDICARE RAILROAD : P00381652 || OTHER OH MEDICARE RAILROAD : P00198640 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 0625235 || MEDICARE PIN OH : 0672959 || MEDICAID KY : 64864770 || MEDICARE PIN OH : H121460 || MEDICAID IN : 100357250 || MEDICAID OH : 0791826 || MEDICARE PIN KY : K042850 || MEDICARE PIN IN : 176760N
Allen, Kathleen D APRN1 Medical Village Drive  Nicu    Edgewood  KY 41017859-301-2423363LN0000X1396931796
MEDICAID KY : 7100091090
Allen, Ms. Lesley Jo APRN560 S Loop Rd      Edgewood  KY 41017-3405859-301-2663163W00000X1376793349
MEDICARE PIN KY : K115600 || MEDICAID KY : 7100098260
Alvarez, Dr. Anthony Wade MD200 Medical Village Dr  St Elizabeth Physicians Behavioral Health    Edgewood  KY 41017-3408859-301-59012084P0800X1407856057
MEDICARE PIN KY : 0969446 || MEDICARE PIN KY : K067950 || MEDICARE UPIN : F88422 || MEDICARE PIN IN : 226420D || MEDICAID OH : 2325817 || MEDICAID IN : 200843210 || MEDICAID KY : 64309792 || MEDICARE PIN : P00089244 || MEDICARE PIN : P00142174
Alwell, Mr. Benjamin PT1 Sperti Dr      Edgewood  KY 41017-9654859-344-9322174400000X1710282280
Ansari, Camron Reza 1 Medical Village Dr      Edgewood  KY 41017-3403859-341-7246163W00000X1609029107
MEDICARE PIN : P00707634 || MEDICARE PIN : 0918155 || OTHER ANTHEM : 000000596705 || MEDICAID OH : 2939968 || MEDICAID KY : 7100061830 || OTHER BUREAU OF WORKERS COMP : $$$$$$$$$00 || OTHER HEALTHNET : 611077369-$$$$$$$$$ || MEDICAID IN : 200929960
Arlinghaus, Barbara A CRNAOne Medical Village Drive  Independent Anesthesiologists Psc    Edgewood  KY 41017859-341-7246367500000X1649309378
MEDICAID OH : 2743633 || OTHER ANTHEM : 000000501462 || MEDICAID KY : 7100006190 || MEDICARE PIN : P00394501 || MEDICARE PIN : 0918125 || MEDICAID IN : 20086550
Arlinghaus, Jeffrey Lee CRNA1 Medical Village Dr      Edgewood  KY 41017-3403859-341-7246367500000X1124003611
MEDICARE ID KY : 0094463 || MEDICAID KY : 74444274 || OTHER ANTHEM BLUE SHIELD : 000000179892 || MEDICAID OH : 2381855
Arrasmith, Lisa J ARNP200 Medical Village Dr  St Elizabeth Physicians    Edgewood  KY 41017-3408859-301-5901363L00000X1437159936
MEDICARE PIN : P00247591 || MEDICARE PIN IN : 226420B || MEDICARE PIN KY : 0969436 || MEDICAID IN : 200177570 || MEDICAID KY : 78014297 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 0687711
Arthur, Andrew F MA200 Medical Village Dr      Edgewood  KY 41017-3408859-301-5971106H00000X1013970755
Bain, Alyson 20 Medical Village Dr  Ste 258    Edgewood  KY 41017-5401859-341-7246367500000X1710309968
Baker, Christine A CRNA1 Medical Village Dr  Independent Anesthesiologists Psc    Edgewood  KY 41017859-341-7246367500000X1316915176
OTHER OH MEDICAID : 2314105 || MEDICAID KY : 74004417 || OTHER ANTHEM BLUE SHIELD : 000000288564 || MEDICARE ID KY : 0094494
Baker, Dr. James Douglas MD560 S Loop Rd      Edgewood  KY 41017-3405859-301-2663207X00000X1588879860
OTHER KY RAILROAD MEDICARE : CB8861 || MEDICARE PIN OH : H326000 || OTHER MEDICARE DME : 0428850001 || MEDICAID KY : 7100094600 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 0389240
Balko, Michael Gregory MD1 Medical Village Dr      Edgewood  KY 41017-3403859-301-2000207ZN0500X1134111685
MEDICARE UPIN : E86026 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 0655091 || MEDICARE PIN KY : P00322229 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 3313254 || MEDICAID OH : 0816095 || MEDICAID KY : 64866064 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 3400170
Bankers, Bradley James M.D.1 Medical Village Dr      Edgewood  KY 41017-3403859-212-0003174400000X1700900636
MEDICAID OH : 2807609 || MEDICARE PIN KY : P00444820 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 0969425 || MEDICAID KY : 7100029200 || MEDICAID IN : 200937160 || MEDICARE UPIN KY : 65926743 || MEDICARE PIN KY : K028180
Barbara, Dr. Mark Joseph MD200 Medical Village Dr      Edgewood  KY 41017-3408859-301-59002084P0800X1104807197
MEDICARE PIN OH : BA0595911 || MEDICAID KY : 7100059720 || MEDICAID IN : 200939960 || MEDICARE UPIN : A16821 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 0969447 || MEDICAID OH : 0668086
Bardgett, Dr. James F Jr. M.D.580 S Loop Rd  Suite 201    Edgewood  KY 41017-3415859-344-1600208600000X1972508869
MEDICAID KY : 7100056850 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 3313260 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 020026984 || OTHER KY RAILROAD MEDICARE : P00629647 || MEDICARE PIN OH : H097850 || MEDICARE PIN KY : P00245815 || MEDICAID KY : 64257603 || MEDICAID IN : 200011140 || MEDICARE PIN KY : K035280 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 1459524
Barnes, Dr. Mary Ann MD413 S Loop Rd      Edgewood  KY 41017-5446859-301-3800207Q00000X1043389307
MEDICARE UPIN KY : D08120 || MEDICAID KY : 64223233 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 0200806
Bates, Dr. Abra Lee M.D.200 Medical Village Dr  St Elizabeth Physicians Behavioral Health    Edgewood  KY 41017-3408859-301-59012084P0800X1235364977
MEDICAID KY : 7100255550 || MEDICARE PIN KY : K103680
Batta, Dr. Lucinda Kerr AUD.20 Medical Village Dr.  Suite 268    Edgewood  KY 41017-5411859-344-4442231H00000X1245600667
Been, Dr. Mark Joseph M.D.133 Barnwood Dr      Edgewood  KY 41017-2500859-331-9600207Y00000X1285808246
Behan, Theresa ATC830 Thomas More Pkwy      Edgewood  KY 41017-5102859-344-40602255A2300X1649650334
Behler, Mr. Joseph J PSY D176 Barnwood Dr Ste B      Edgewood  KY 41017-2550859-331-2500103TC0700X1316155120
Belanger, Dr. Kristen Anne MD1 Medical Village Dr      Edgewood  KY 41017-3403859-572-3617207P00000X1366443376
MEDICAID IN : 200921680 || MEDICARE PIN KY : K187640 || MEDICAID KY : 64057391 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 3400152 || MEDICARE PIN : 060065227 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 3313207 || MEDICARE UPIN : G27910 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 0655076 || MEDICAID OH : 2351655
Bentley, Dr. Shannon K M.D.413 S Loop Rd  St Elizabeth Family Practice Center    Edgewood  KY 41017-5446859-301-3800207Q00000X1033179817
Bernardon, Dr. Stephen Oswald MD1 Medical Village Dr      Edgewood  KY 41017-3403859-572-3617207P00000X1831190750
MEDICARE PIN KY : 3396279 || MEDICARE PIN KY : K165421 || MEDICAID KY : 64236029 || MEDICAID IN : 200057370 || MEDICARE UPIN : A83122 || MEDICARE PIN : 110139712 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 3313189 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 0655086 || MEDICAID OH : 0533953
Bernstein, Charles M MD1 Medical Village Dr  St. Elizabeth Healthcare    Edgewood  KY 41017-3403859-301-2423207R00000X1053302018
MEDICARE PIN OH : 110235838 || MEDICAID OH : 2282177 || MEDICARE PIN : P00950733 || MEDICARE PIN KY : P400036106 || MEDICARE UPIN : F87308 || MEDICAID KY : 64046386 || MEDICARE PIN OH : 0791146
Betts, Lucy R MED200 Medical Village Dr      Edgewood  KY 41017-3408859-301-5900101YA0400X1669472239
Bever, John D MD560 S Loop Rd      Edgewood  KY 41017-3405859-301-2663207X00000X1730181991
OTHER KY MEDICAID DME : 90008962 || OTHER KY MEDICARE DME : 0428850004 || OTHER KY RAILROAD MEDICARE : 200045150 || MEDICARE UPIN : C64559 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 0389211 || OTHER KY RAILROAD MEDICARE : CB8861 || OTHER KY ANTHEM : 000000249592 || MEDICAID KY : 64206246
Bilbo, Dr. James Thomas MD560 S Loop Rd      Edgewood  KY 41017-3405859-301-2663207X00000X1841295656
MEDICARE PIN KY : 0389201 || OTHER KY RAILROAD MEDICARE : CB8861 || MEDICARE UPIN : C64849 || OTHER KY RAILROAD MEDICARE : 200039823 || MEDICAID KY : 64245251 || OTHER KY ANTHEM : 000000033736 || OTHER KY MEDICAID DME : 90008962 || OTHER KY MEDICARE DME : 428850001 || MEDICARE PIN OH : H209050
Bilotta, Dr. Vincent Thomas M.D.20 Medical Village Drive  Suite 302    Edgewood  KY 41017-5402859-341-2510207V00000X1043213028
Bishop, Mrs. Stephanie Marie P.T.1 Sperti Dr      Edgewood  KY 41017-9654859-344-9322174400000X1740504653
Black, Renee Marie APRN1 Medical Village Dr      Edgewood  KY 41017-3403859-572-3617363L00000X1548517956
MEDICAID KY : 7100219530 || MEDICARE PIN KY : K103890
Blackburn, Monica CRNA1 Medical Village Dr  Independent Anesthesiologists Psc    Edgewood  KY 41017-3403859-341-7246367500000X1679558167
MEDICARE ID KY : 0094469 || MEDICAID OH : 2380963 || MEDICAID KY : 74476144 || MEDICARE PIN : 430032130 || OTHER BLUE SHIELD : 000000288565 || MEDICAID IN : 200416410
Blackburn, William Joseph PT560 South Loop Rd.      Edgewood  KY 41017859-301-5600225100000X1992795777
MEDICARE PIN KY : 0922902 || MEDICAID KY : 8700133500 || MEDICARE PIN KY : P00138578
Blankenship, Mrs. Brittany Jean APRN1 Medical Village Dr      Edgewood  KY 41017-3403859-301-4688363L00000X1154779700
Blazewick, Danielle M.D.413 S Loop Rd      Edgewood  KY 41017-5446859-301-3800390200000X1245787233
Bliss, Deborah Elaine ACNP1 Medical Village Drive  St. Elizabeth Healthcare    Edgewood  KY 41017-3403859-301-2000363LA2100X1013059559
Bohanon, Mr. Perry Kent MSN, APRN, BC200 Medical Village Dr      Edgewood  KY 41017-3408859-301-5901363L00000X1467437178
Bohrer, Mr. James R CRNA1 Medical Village Dr      Edgewood  KY 41017-3403859-341-7246367500000X1134130586
OTHER KY ANTHEM : 000000537016 || MEDICARE PIN : 0918137 || MEDICARE PIN : P00184595 || OTHER IN ANTHEM : 000000341626 || MEDICAID OH : 0752092 || MEDICARE ID IN : CC1060O
Bokelman, Jessica DO1 Medical Village Dr      Edgewood  KY 41017-3403859-301-2000207Q00000X1760817142
Bowling, Mr. Michael S ATC830 Thomas More Pkwy      Edgewood  KY 41017-5102859-341-56002255A2300X1770541740
Bowman, Kelly Marie APRN560 S Loop Rd      Edgewood  KY 41017-3405859-301-2663363LF0000X1679923825
Bracken, Dr. David Leon MD1 Medical Village Dr      Edgewood  KY 41017-3403859-572-3617207P00000X1164423174
MEDICARE PIN KY : 930055276 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 3313209 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 0655073 || MEDICAID KY : 64055932 || MEDICAID OH : 0949906 || MEDICARE UPIN : G04689 || MEDICARE PIN KY : K180849 || MEDICAID IN : 200975500 || MEDICARE PIN KY : 3400148


1 CNA's LPN's and RN's Columbia, PA, USA ... health care team members to assess, plan, implement and evaluate patient care plans· Order, interpret, and evaluate diagnostic tests to identify and assess patient's condition· ​Monitor all ...... Apply Now>>

2 Director of Nursing - Home Health Care**Sign On Bonus Available** Milwaukee, WI, USA Heartland Home Health, Hospice, and IV Care is part of the HCR ManorCare family; a leading provider of home health care, hospice care, skilled nursing, memory care and post-acute care. The Director ...... Apply Now>>

3 Field Nurse Supervisor Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc. is a leading established Home Health Care Agency. We currently have an opportunity for a Field Nurse Supervisor in Manhattan, NY. The Field Nurse Supervisor is ...... Apply Now>>

4 Infection Preventionist, FT, MRH Hollywood, FL, USA Basic Life Support (BLS) Healthcare Provider. Must obtain the CIC certification within 1 year of employment. Complexity of Work: Requires critical thinking skills, effective communications skills ...... Apply Now>>

5 Seasonal Traveling Nurse Jobs - HealthCareTravelingers.com Manhattan, KS, USA The HealthCare Employment Network works with agencies and facilities nationwide offering: * Flexible assignment lengths (8, 13, & 16 week contracts) * Excellent compensation and benefits * ASAP ...... Apply Now>>

6 Home Health Aide (HHA) - Pediatric Home Care, Twins Pittston, PA, USA Requirements:· Valid AHA - BLS CPR course for healthcare providers (Adult/Infant/Child)· Recent Two Step TB· Must Have Clear Background Check· 1+ year of HHA or CNA experience preferred Job ...... Apply Now>>

7 Healthcare Associate Stockton, CA, USA Previous healthcare coverage/eligibility experience preferred. * Proficient personal computer skills including Microsoft Office. * Ability to maintain the highest level of confidentiality... Apply Now>>

8 Physician Office Nurse - BMG/Millsboro Walk-In (FT) Lewes, DE, USA Beebe Healthcare has become the premier healthcare facility in Sussex County, serving a thriving beach and vacation resort area and a growing year-round population. Beebe Healthcare offers you a ...... Apply Now>>

9 Home Health Care Aide Dowagiac, MI, USA Alliance Home Health Care Services has multiple positions for home health aides. We pride ourselves on offering a rewarding work environment with a variety of benefits and competitive compensation... Apply Now>>

10 RN - Lactation Consultant Lewes, DE, USA Beebe Healthcare has become the premier healthcare facility in Sussex County, serving a thriving beach and vacation resort area and a growing year-round population. Beebe Healthcare offers you a ...... Apply Now>>

11 Customer Support-Healthcare Tampa, FL, USA Job Description Customer Support Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, this technology company provides payment processing solutions for the healthcare community, including physicians, clinics, ancillary ...... Apply Now>>

12 Healthcare Customer Service Representative Humble, TX, USA Document pertinent patient information and all account work activity in the appropriate systems dictated by the health care facility and Company. * Responsible for capturing and documenting all ...... Apply Now>>

13 Registered Nurse, (RN), Endo**FLAT RATE** Stafford, VA, USA CPR (AHA Healthcare Provider) required ACLS REQUIRED... Apply Now>>

14 RN Fredericksburg, VA, USA Associates of Science or Certificate in Nursing BEHAVIORAL HEALTH RNs Bring your positive attitude ... At least 2 years RN acute care experience required * Nine months in patient nursing Join our team ...... Apply Now>>

15 Clinical Nurse Coordinator (RN) Modesto, CA, USA Satellite Healthcare provides expert, personalized kidney care at over 80 centers across the U.S. as well as at acute dialysis locations in California and Texas. Learn more about Satellite Healthcare ...... Apply Now>>

16 Home Therapies Nurse (Float Pool) San Jose, CA, USA Satellite Healthcare provides expert, personalized kidney care at over 80 centers across the U.S. as well as at acute dialysis locations in California and Texas. Learn more about Satellite Healthcare ...... Apply Now>>

17 Patient Care Associate, CVICU, JDCH Hollywood, FL, USA Basic Life Support (BLS) Healthcare Provider. Organizational Profile: Joe DiMaggio himself helped celebrate the opening of the first Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital back in 1992. Today, the new ...... Apply Now>>

18 Registered Nurse (RN) Surgical Unit- Full Time Nights Salt Lake City, UT, USA Nights (rotating weekends) The 4 West Medical Surgical RN provides direct nursing care in accordance with established policies, procedures and protocols of the healthcare organization. The tasks and ...... Apply Now>>

19 Registered Nurse-PACU/Recovery Ogden, UT, USA Accountable for adhering to ORMC mission, including meeting behavioral expectations (compassion, caring and confidentiality), providing excellence in health care delivery, supporting dignity of all ...... Apply Now>>

20 Culinary / Dietary Aide - NCD Westwood, MA, USA You want to work in a healthcare setting where you are valued and appreciated - where you receive respect from your superiors and co-workers as well as the patients/residents you treat. You want to ...... Apply Now>>

21 Registered Nurse Las Vegas, NV, USA The Culinary Health Center is dedicated to helping our Culinary members live healthier lives. Working together with our medical partners, we are changing the way healthcare is delivered to the ...... Apply Now>>

22 Registered Nurse / RN Greenville, SC, USA Job Description NHC HealthCare Mauldin is seeking an RN 7A-7P Sat/Sun & 3P-11P Mon-Fri to join our team! You will be responsible for the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of assigned patients... Apply Now>>

23 Hospice RN Case Manager for Stark, Summit, & Wayne Counties Tallmadge, OH, USA For more information on Sprenger Health Care Systems please visit our website at: Specific Details: * Accepting applications for full-time Hospice RN Case Manager * Must be willing to travel within ...... Apply Now>>

24 Manager Women's Pavilion, RN- Alton, IL USA OSF Saint Anthony's Health Center, Alton, IL Work Schedule: M-F Hours per Week: 40 Benefits Status ... Reporting to the Vice President of Patient Care, Chief Nursing Officer, plans and directs the short ...... Apply Now>>

25 Project Manager - Healthcare Monroeville, PA, USA Experience in healthcare, home infusion, or pharmacy setting.Education: Bachelor's degree in business administration, pharmacy or equivalent work experience required. Business Overview:CVS Health ...... Apply Now>>

26 RN, Emory Clinic, Ambulatory Surgical Center Atlanta, GA, USA We’re looking for experienced RNs who want to be part of a health care system that goes beyond delivering great quality care by helping to redefine it. And, because we value your expertise, our RN ...... Apply Now>>

27 Registered Nurse Houston, TX, USA Educate patients about health maintenance and disease prevention * Facilitate referrals to other healthcare professionals and medical facilities * Maintain accurate patient medical records * Provide ...... Apply Now>>

28 Home Health Aide - Chore Provider - Homemaker - Caregiver Paw Paw, MI, USA Provide routine individualized care and ADL's to the elderly, convalescents, or persons with disabilities * Monitor and report changes in patient health status to the immediate Supervisor * Provide ...... Apply Now>>

29 Director of Case Management Kindred Hospital Houston NW 77065 Houston, TX, USA Come and grow your career with Kindred Hospitals, a division of Kindred Healthcare. Our culture of caring for our patients and residents begin with our core values – our employees. We are ...... Apply Now>>

30 Dedicated Aide Gaithersburg, MD, USA Complete Healthcare Staffing, LLC is one of the fastest growing staffing agencies in the Maryland, Washington DC and Northern Virginia areas. We are currently recruiting for Dedicated Aides that can ...... Apply Now>>

31 RN, ENT & Bariatrics, 7a-7:30p Atlanta, GA, USA Consistently communicates effectively and respectfully with the patient, the patient's family, and other members of the healthcare team. Delivers safe, dependable and effective care to a patient ...... Apply Now>>

32 Customer Service Representative Salt Lake City, UT, USA Apria Healthcare is one of nation’s leading providers of home healthcare products and services including respiratory therapy, sleep apnea therapy, non-invasive ventilation therapy, enteral ...... Apply Now>>

33 Patient Account Services Representative Solon, OH, USA Job Description Position Overview / Summary The Patient Account Services Representative is primarily responsible for the full cycle of medical billing for assigned sites. This includes processing all ...... Apply Now>>

34 Registered Nurse - Operating Room job in Denver, Colorado Denver, CO, USA Denver Health Medical Center is a general medical and surgical hospital in Denver, CO. It performed ... CVOR nurses participate in patient care, clinical problem solving, monitoring and CVOR coordination... Apply Now>>

35 Registered Nurse - RN Clarksville, TN, USA The Registered Nurse will serve as a leader of the healthcare team at Behavioral Healthcare Center of Memphis by coordinating patient care to promote wellness, maintain safety, and reinforce patients ...... Apply Now>>

36 Administrative Supervisor (RN) - Nursing Admin - Monmouth, IL USA Reporting to the Chief Nursing Officer/designee and according to departmental policies and nursing care standards, assist in overseeing work of Mission Partners engaging in providing both direct and ...... Apply Now>>

37 Healthcare Recruiter - Travel Nursing Memphis, TN, USA Healthcare preferred, travel healthcare a PLUS. Social media, computers, and communication technology will be second nature to our superstar, who will be articulate, confident, friendly, and able to ...... Apply Now>>

38 Home Health Aide - STNA - CNA - HHA Massillon, OH, USA COM Complete Healthcare Services is located in Massillon Ohio. Take this opportunity to provide homecare services to our clients in their homes. Home Health Aides work closely with our clients to ...... Apply Now>>

39 Senior Customer Service Representative - SSC LTC Phoenix, AZ, USA Healthcare industry and//or Medical Billing experience. Minimum of 1-3 years of experience working in an office//business setting. Prescription third party claims management experience. College ...... Apply Now>>

40 MDS Coordinator Care Partner Scotch Plains, NJ, USA Also ensures that the home adheres to all legal, safety, health, fire and sanitation codes by being ... Communicates with care team regarding practitioner orders, care plans and changes in condition... Apply Now>>

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