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Health Care Providers in Gallipolis, Ohio

Organization, NamePractice AddressPractice Phone  TaxonomyNPI
Adams-mock, Dr. Amanda PSY.D.3086 State Route 160      Gallipolis  OH 45631-8409740-446-5500103TC0700X1205060829
MEDICAID OH : 0253701
Allen, Elizabeth D CNP90 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560740-446-5381363LX0001X1770521635
OTHER OH MOLINA MEDICAID : 2177648 || OTHER RR MEDICARE : 500011885 || MEDICAID OH : 2177648 || OTHER ANTHEM BCBS : 000000312531 || MEDICAID WV : 0092846000 || MEDICARE PIN OH : ALNP05732
Alley, Adam Robert Martin MD420 Silver Bridge Plz      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1861740-446-4600207Q00000X1356609390
MEDICAID KY : 7100327710 || MEDICAID OH : 0114205
Althof, Ms. Bette Cromer M.A.1456 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-2602740-446-8289101YM0800X1013132133
Anderson, Gail Evelyn OTR170 Pinecrest Dr      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1347740-446-7112225X00000X1821311044
Armstrong, Andrea COTA/L3210 Georges Creek Rd      Gallipolis  OH 45631-8604740-645-3797224Z00000X1568892404
Asgeri, Mehrdad MD90 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560740-446-5763207RG0100X1063453868
MEDICAID OH : 2659298 || MEDICARE PIN OH : H031112
Atai, Dr. M. Bashar M.D.90 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560740-446-5130207R00000X1538111075
OTHER OH UNISON MEDICAID : 000000181841 || OTHER MOUNTAIN STATE BCBS : 001714097 || OTHER ANTHEM BCBS : 000000006565 || OTHER WV RR MEDICARE : 110153381 || MEDICAID WV : 0081055000 || OTHER OH CARESOURCE MEDICAID : 310917085112 || OTHER OH MOLINA MEDICAID : 2023161 || MEDICARE UPIN : G58825 || MEDICARE PIN OH : 0833653 || MEDICARE PIN WV : 0833652
Baker, Joey PT1051 4th Ave      Gallipolis  OH 45631740-446-5244225100000X1083634422
MEDICARE PIN OH : 4175631 || OTHER OH MEDICAID - CARESOURCE : 310917085167 || OTHER RR MEDICARE : P00328954 || OTHER OH OH MEDICAID UNISON : 000000204400 || OTHER OH MOLINA MEDICAID : 2666637 || MEDICAID WV : 3810004328 || MEDICAID OH : 2666637 || OTHER ANTHEM BCBS : 000000217253 || OTHER MOUNTAIN STATE BCBS : 001796085
Barnette, Sally J. PT1051 4th Ave      Gallipolis  OH 45631740-446-5244225100000X1942220348
OTHER ANTHEM BCBS : 000000217253 || OTHER MOUNTAIN STATE BCBS : 001714139 || OTHER RR MEDICARE : 650019719 || OTHER OH MOLINA MEDICAID : 2226899 || MEDICAID WV : 7305045000 || MEDICAID OH : 2226899 || OTHER OH - MEDICAID UNISON : 000000204410 || MEDICARE PIN OH : 4039291
Barnitz, Tracy L. CRNA90 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560740-446-5238367500000X1598785289
MEDICAID WV : 2601051000 || OTHER MOUNTAIN STATE BCBS : 001714141 || OTHER OH MOLINA MEDICAID : 2217701 || MEDICARE PIN OH : 8227784 || OTHER OH OHIO MEDICAID UNISON : 000000204415 || OTHER ANTHEM BCBS : 000000224158 || OTHER RR MEDICARE : 430073747
Barrett, Stella D. OT1051 4th Avenue      Gallipolis  OH 45631740-441-3560225X00000X1598001430
Bataille, Dr. Feguens Joseph M.D.90 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560855-446-5937208100000X1942478581
Beckley, Sara MSW, LSW3086 State Route 160      Gallipolis  OH 45631-8409740-441-4436104100000X1275956096
MEDICAID OH : 0200820
Bianco, Dr. Anthony Carmen Ii D.O.90 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560740-446-5287207Q00000X1710228671
Black, Dr. Dane Alexander D.O.90 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560740-446-5000390200000X1134577067
Black, Daniel R. D.O.90 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560740-446-5401208100000X1598719882
OTHER OH UNISON MEDICAID : 000000185253 || OTHER ANTHEM BCBS : 000000006573 || MEDICAID WV : 0113223000 || OTHER MOUNTAIN STATE BCBS : 001714051 || OTHER OH MOLINA MEDICAID : 0749373 || MEDICAID OH : 0749373 || MEDICARE PIN OH : 0645021 || OTHER RR MEDICARE : 200013580 || MEDICARE UPIN : E29833 || OTHER OH CARESOURCE MEDICAID : 310917085122
Blackburn-johnson, Ms. Tina LSW3086 State Route 160  Woodland Centers Inc    Gallipolis  OH 45631-8409740-446-55001041C0700X1316904691
MEDICAID OH : 0253701
Blevins, David V. M.D.90 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560740-446-5225208600000X1427002732
MEDICAID OH : 2057509 || MEDICARE UPIN : G77329 || OTHER ANTHEM BCBS : 000000007555 || OTHER RR MEDICARE : 020038338 || MEDICARE PIN WV : 0855242 || OTHER MOUNTAIN STATE BCBS : 001714103 || MEDICARE PIN OH : 0855243 || OTHER OH MOLINA MEDICAID : 2057509 || OTHER OH UNISON MEDICAID : 000000181652 || OTHER OH CARESOURCE MEDICAID : 310917085092
Bobst, Jessica PHARM D100 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560740-446-5236183500000X1407251713
Boggs, Tiffany NP90 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560740-446-5287363L00000X1073961678
Bokal, Amy Sue M.D.90 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560740-446-5709174400000X1710924501
MEDICAID WV : 3810022688 || MEDICARE PIN OH : H067680 || MEDICARE PIN WV : WV1529A || MEDICAID OK : 200017290 C || MEDICAID OH : 0061412 || MEDICARE UPIN OK : H94965 || MEDICARE ID OK : 241335002
Bolin, Elizabeth R FNP-BC90 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560740-446-5287363LF0000X1093144115
MEDICAID OH : 0095419 || MEDICARE PIN OH : H280481
Bozkir, Ihsan Naci M.D.90 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560740-446-5421207W00000X1467404467
OTHER OH UNISON MEDICAID : 000000181582 || OTHER RR MEDICARE : 180015951 || MEDICAID OH : 0894457 || MEDICARE UPIN : E99453 || OTHER OH MOLINA MEDICAID : 0894457 || OTHER OH CARESOURCE MEDICAID : 310917085047 || OTHER ANTHEM BCBS : 000000007745 || MEDICAID WV : 0095659000 || MEDICARE PIN OH : 0729583 || OTHER MOUNTAIN STATE BCBS : 001714080
Bradley, Robert S DO90 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560855-446-5937207RI0011X1194740266
MEDICARE ID OH : BR7276601 || MEDICAID OH : 2117944 || MEDICARE UPIN OH : F87692
Brown, Penny PT1051 Fourth Avenue      Gallipolis  OH 45631740-446-5121225100000X1053710640
Brubaker, Dr. Reid C. M.D.90 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560740-446-5890207R00000X1700839404
Brumfield, Mrs. Kimberly FNP-C90 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560740-446-5785363LF0000X1972992196
Brushart, Ms. Connnie Sue COTA170 Pinecrest Dr      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1347740-446-7112224Z00000X1629275730
Bryant, Joshua Timothy D.O.100 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560740-446-5244390200000X1457703100
Caison, Dr. Beth PHARMD2991 State Route 160      Gallipolis  OH 45631-8441740-446-6620183500000X1942657812
Caldwell, Chelsea 90 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560740-446-5000363LF0000X1922470798
Canaday, Mrs. Elizabeth A NP10 Airport Rd      Gallipolis  OH 45631740-446-2929363LF0000X1730487463
Canaday, Nona PT90 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560740-446-5769225100000X1992105779
Canady, Michael R. M.D.90 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560740-446-5225208600000X1396798948
MEDICAID WV : 0126280000 || MEDICARE PIN WV : 0785122 || OTHER ANTHEM BCBS : 000000007322 || OTHER OH MOLINA MEDICAID : 0154256 || MEDICARE PIN OH : 0785123 || OTHER RR MEDICARE : 020027086 || OTHER OH CARESOURCE MEDICAID : 310917085091 || OTHER MOUNTAIN STATE BCBS : 001714083 || MEDICARE UPIN : G05995 || OTHER OH UNISON MEDICAID : 000000181583
Cappelletti, Danielle T. MD90 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560740-446-5371208000000X1255362927
OTHER MOUNTAIN STATE BCBS : 001895230 || MEDICARE PIN OH : 4189712 || OTHER ANTHEM BCBS : 000000502440 || MEDICARE PIN WV : 4189713 || MEDICAID OH : 2704505 || MEDICAID WV : 3810006341
Carman, Dr. David Ross DDS310 Silver Bridge Plaza      Gallipolis  OH 45631740-446-70101223G0001X1871663682
Carroll, Ms. Sandra Kay LSW3086 State Route 160      Gallipolis  OH 45631-8418740-446-55001041C0700X1982672903
MEDICAID OH : 0253701 || OTHER OH ANTHEM BCBS : 000000330902
Casanova, Manual A. M.D.90 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560740-446-57092085R0202X1225080203
MEDICAID WV : 0118150000 || MEDICARE PIN OH : 0798364 || OTHER OH UNISON MEDICAID : 000000193267 || OTHER OH MOLINA MEDICAID : 0465296 || MEDICARE UPIN : F05130 || MEDICARE PIN WV : 0798363 || OTHER RR MEDICARE : 300028173 || MEDICARE PIN WV : 0798365 || OTHER ANTHEM BCBS : 000000007167 || OTHER MOUNTAIN STATE BCBS : 001714053
Chaksupa, Montrie MD90 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560740-446-5381207V00000X1316999386
OTHER OH UNISON MEDICAID : 000000181427 || OTHER OH MOLINA MEDICAID : 0235203 || OTHER ANTHEM BCBS : 000000007452 || OTHER RR MEDICARE : 160017398 || MEDICARE PIN OH : CH0397995 || OTHER MOUNTAIN STATE BCBS : 001714040 || OTHER OH CARESOURCE MEDICAID : 310917085090 || MEDICAID WV : 0092684000
Chandra, Ramesh MD90 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560740-446-5387207RI0011X1326318130
MEDICAID OH : 0105548 || MEDICAID WV : 3810027588 || MEDICARE PIN OH : H331220
Christopher, Mark G. M.D.90 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560740-446-5839207RG0100X1699729913
OTHER OH UNISON MEDICAID : 000000185259 || MEDICARE PIN WV : 0549032 || OTHER OH CARESOURCE MEDICAID : 310917085117 || OTHER RR MEDICARE : 100004591 || OTHER NPI : 1699729913 || MEDICARE PIN OH : 0549033 || OTHER OH MOLINA MEDICAID : 0554672 || OTHER MOUNTAIN STATE BCBS : 001714038 || OTHER ANTHEM BCBS : 000000007341 || MEDICARE UPIN : A72302
Clark, Brandi LPN3086 State Route 160      Gallipolis  OH 45631-8409740-446-5500164W00000X1154780021
MEDICAID OH : 0200820
Clark, Christopher B. M.D.90 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560740-446-5360207K00000X1639123995
MEDICAID WV : 1810204000 || MEDICAID OH : 2434771 || MEDICARE PIN OH : CL4114483 || OTHER OH OH MEDICAID UNISON : 000000181421 || OTHER OH OH MEDICAID MOLINA : 2434771 || MEDICARE UPIN : H62836 || OTHER OH OH MEDICAID CARESOURCE : 310917085113
Clark, Nathan A DPM90 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560740-446-5412213E00000X1588898373
MEDICAID OH : 0050020 || MEDICAID WV : 3810020699 || MEDICARE PIN OH : H008080
Clark, Tina NP100 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560304-429-1088163W00000X1326583196
Clark, Ms. Tonya Lynn LPN32 Klicher Rd      Gallipolis  OH 45631-8893740-446-2432164W00000X1679694145
MEDICAID OH : 2260897
Clarke, Dr. Gary L O.D.308 Silver Bridge Plz      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1833740-446-2525152W00000X1043272388
OTHER OH MEDICARE PTAN : 9263881 || OTHER WV WORKERS' COMP WV : 1010821 || OTHER OH WORKERS' COMP OH : 3110671970 || MEDICARE ID OH MEDICARE : CL0428174 || MEDICARE UPIN OH : 1043272388 || MEDICAID WV : 0150144000 || MEDICAID OH : 0345700
Collins, Margaret CPHT204 2nd Ave      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1022740-441-0781183700000X1336693225
Conley, Steven D. MD90 Jackson Pike      Gallipolis  OH 45631-1560740-446-52892085R0202X1063673085


Registered Nurse - Labor & Delivery - Up to $18K BONUS! Denver, CO, USA The advantage for maternal/child care at P/SL is the continuity of care in managing all types of pregnancies and virtually any condition or health issue, for a mother, her fetus, and newborn... Apply Now>>

Cardiovascular Services Nurse Navigator, Part-Time Denver, CO, USA The incumbent guides patients through the health care system byassisting with access issues, developing relationships with service providers,and tracking interventions and outcomes. Serves as a point ...... Apply Now>>

Registered Nurse (RN II) - Med Surg (Nights w/rotating weekends) San Antonio Live Oak, TX, USA Ours is a hospital that is patient-focused and staffed by health care experts who genuinely care for the well-being of others. It is our promiseâas part of Methodist Healthcareâs mission of Serving ...... Apply Now>>

RN Charge Nurse (RN IV) Medicine I (7pm - 7am) San Antonio, TX, USA As the flagship hospital of the Medical Center and of the Methodist Healthcare system of hospitals, we appreciate the support and recognition we receive from the community in being ranked No. 1 in ...... Apply Now>>

Account Liaison- Hospice Services Healthcare Sales and Marketing Stockbridge, GA, USA HCR ManorCare provides a range of services, including skilled nursing care, assisted living, post-acute medical and rehabilitation care, hospice care, home health care and rehabilitation therapy... Apply Now>>

RN (Registered Nurses) Needed Erie, PA, USA ... health care team members to assess, plan, implement and evaluate patient care plans· Order, interpret, and evaluate diagnostic tests to identify and assess patient's condition· ​Monitor all ...... Apply Now>>

CNA's LPN's and RN's Needed for Facility Work Saxonburg, PA, USA ... health care team members to assess, plan, implement and evaluate patient care plans· Order, interpret, and evaluate diagnostic tests to identify and assess patient's condition· ​Monitor all ...... Apply Now>>

Culinary / Dietary Aide - Part-Time - Aspen Park (Moscow, ID) Moscow, ID, USA You want to work in a healthcare setting where you are valued and appreciated - where you receive respect from your superiors and co-workers as well as the patients/residents you treat. You want to ...... Apply Now>>

MDS Coordinator - Full-Time - Kindred Northgate Seattle, WA, USA You want to work in a healthcare setting where you are valued and appreciated - where you receive respect from your superiors and co-workers as well as the patients/residents you treat. You want to ...... Apply Now>>

Patient Care Associate - (MHW) - Full time Pembroke Pines, FL, USA Basic Life Support (BLS) Healthcare Provider. Organizational Profile: Memorial Hospital West opened in 1992 with 100 beds to serve the growing population of western Broward. Today, the hospital has ...... Apply Now>>

CNA or Home Health Aide - Pediatric Home Care Oil City, PA, USA Requirements:· Must have updated credentials· Valid AHA - BLS CPR course for healthcare providers (Adult/Infant/Child)· Recent Two Step TB· Must Have Clear Background Check· 1+ year HHA ...... Apply Now>>

RN, Medical Surgical Milwaukee, WI, USA At Aurora Health Care we believe that each of us can use our knowledge, experience and creativity to help people live well. We're a non-profit organization with a clear vision of providing people ...... Apply Now>>

Field Rep/Healthcare Associate Walnut Creek, CA, USA Previous healthcare coverage/eligibility experience preferred. * Proficient personal computer skills including Microsoft Office. * Ability to maintain the highest level of confidentiality... Apply Now>>

Customer Service - Health Care Client North Sioux City, SD, USA You can choose from several positions - customer service, tech support, management - serving a wide variety of clients in healthcare, insurance, finance and consumer technology. And you can choose to ...... Apply Now>>

Registered Nurse, (RN), LDRP **PRN FLAT RATE** Stafford, VA, USA CPR (AHA Healthcare Provider) required... Apply Now>>

Registered Nurse, (RN), Inpatient Surgical Stafford, VA, USA Articulates the professional nursing role to the patient, family and health team members. Identifies, facilitates, and evaluates outcomes of nursing care for an individual patient or group of ...... Apply Now>>

Physician Office Nurse - BMG/Georgetown Walk-In (FT) Lewes, DE, USA Beebe Healthcare has become the premier healthcare facility in Sussex County, serving a thriving beach and vacation resort area and a growing year-round population. Beebe Healthcare offers you a ...... Apply Now>>

Nursing Supervisor (Part-time and Casual) Lewes, DE, USA Beebe Healthcare has become the premier healthcare facility in Sussex County, serving a thriving beach and vacation resort area and a growing year-round population. Beebe Healthcare offers you a ...... Apply Now>>

Patient Care Associate - (MRH) - Full time Hollywood, FL, USA Basic Life Support (BLS) Healthcare Provider. Organizational Profile: Since the opening of the one-story, 100-bed Memorial Hospital in 1953, the South Florida community has benefited from caring and ...... Apply Now>>

Arizona Traveling Nurse - All RN Specialties Tucson, AZ, USA The HealthCare Employment Network works with agencies and facilities nationwide offering: * Flexible assignment lengths (8, 13, & 16 week contracts) * Excellent compensation and benefits * ASAP ...... Apply Now>>

Nurse, Home Care Saint Louis, MO, USA BJC Home Care Services offers patients and their families a complete range of home care services ... Home Health Nurse, Location: Saint Louis, MO - 63110... Apply Now>>

Certified Home Health Aides- All Shifts! Broken Arrow, OK, USA Job Description Oxford HealthCare, a leader in the home care industry, is seeking exceptional aides to care for the elderly and medically fragile in their homes. Must provide 1:1 hands on care ...... Apply Now>>

Registered Nurse, RN (Night Shift) Memphis, TN, USA Job Description Registered Nurse The Registered Nurse will serve as a leader of the healthcare team at Behavioral Healthcare Center of Memphis by coordinating patient care to promote wellness ...... Apply Now>>

Staff RN, Emergency Department Saint Louis, MO, USA AMN Healthcare Services. Keywords: Registered Nurse (RN), Location: Saint Louis, MO - 63110... Apply Now>>

Registered Nurse, Medical Carbondale, IL, USA Full Time Job #: 00218-16 Hours: 7P-7A including weekends as required Southern Illinois Healthcare is expanding and we are looking to hire in our Medical unit. With excellent compensation packages ...... Apply Now>>

Home Care RN / Home Health Registered Nurse (9114) Quincy, MA, USA Home Care RN / Home Health Registered Nurse As one of the largest and most recognized providers of healthcare professionals, Medical Staffing Network has the flexible Home Care RN opportunities you ...... Apply Now>>

Home Health Aide Indianapolis, IN, USA You will provide routine healthcare to patients at the patient's home. Responsibilities: * Provide routine individualized care to the elderly, convalescents, or persons with disabilities * Monitor ...... Apply Now>>

Registered Nurse - RN Corrections, IMMEDIATE NEED! Atlanta, GA, USA Company Description National Health Care Solutions, LLC (NHCS) is a woman-owned, HUD certified company in Raleigh, NC dedicated to providing the highest quality healthcare professionals that are ...... Apply Now>>

Healthcare Recruiter - Travel Nursing Memphis, TN, USA Healthcare preferred, travel healthcare a PLUS. Social media, computers, and communication technology will be second nature to our superstar, who will be articulate, confident, friendly, and able to ...... Apply Now>>

Home Care Coordinator Greensburg, PA, USA Adhering to federal and state laws, relevant healthcare program requirementsProactively locate healthcare professionals through various sources; evaluate candidate resumes for open position ...... Apply Now>>

Local Care Coordinator Silver Spring, MD, USA MMG at Silver Spring, MMG at Bethesda, MMG at Gaithersburg and MedStar Health at Leisure World Boulevard Provides a patient-centered multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare, care coordination, and ...... Apply Now>>

HHA - Home Health Aide - PCA Babylon, NY, USA Job Description Caring People Home Healthcare is looking for HHA' and PCA's in Nassau / Suffolk / for immediate shifts. We are paying $15 per hour for HHA / PCA that drive and take new cases in ...... Apply Now>>

Center Nurse Executive/DON Fresno, CA, USA Valley Healthcare Center, a 98-bed skilled nursing center located in Fresno, CA, seeks a Director of Nursing/Center Nurse Executive witha history of positive patient outcomes and successful Dept. of ...... Apply Now>>

Center Nurse Executive/DON Las Cruces, NM, USA The CNE communicates a shared vision for clinical excellence and ensures the realization of high quality and cost effective health care services that are consistent with Genesis HealthCare evidence ...... Apply Now>>

Health Care Reimbursement Analyst Dubuque, IA, USA Typical Day in the Life A typical day as a Health Care Reimbursement Analyst in Dubuque, IA might include the following: * Work closely with assigned clients in the health care field, including ...... Apply Now>>

Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA) San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys San Gabriel, CA, USA Providing personal care including: A. Baths B. Back rubs C. Oral hygiene D. Shampoos E. Changing ... Health Aide Company Description Pegasus Home Health Care, a Joint Commission Accredited ...... Apply Now>>

Supervisor - Ambulatory Care Coordination - Walnut Creek Walnut Creek, CA, USA General knowledge of available health care and community resources appropriate for populations served is required; broad in-depth knowledge is preferred. Essential Job Functions * Monitors the ...... Apply Now>>

Clinical Director - Resolute Treatment Facility Indianapolis, IN, USA Considerable knowledge of various federal, state, and facility guidelines concerning the care for ... Considerable knowledge of supervisory and training techniques and practices used in a mental health ...... Apply Now>>

Registered Nurse Bossier City, LA, USA Company Description Lauve's Pediatric Day Health Care is a pediatric day health care (PDHC) facility servicing medically fragile individuals under the age of 21, including technology dependent ...... Apply Now>>

Healthcare Charge Capture Staff - 13194 Chicago, IL, USA Minimum of 1 - 2 years of relevant, in-depth health care experience is required (clinical experience in laboratory, radiology, respiratory therapy, cardiology, PT, OT, Speech Therapy or Nursing is a ...... Apply Now>>

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